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The name "Gong Ting" or "Royal" Puerh signifies the high quality of this select grade of "ripe" Puerh.

Developed in the 1960's. The "Shou" technique for processing this "Ripe" version of Puerh tea was originally intended to duplicate the naturally aged characteristics of the "Qing" or "Green" naturally aged version.

While the end result ended up producing something quite different, it also produced something great...a surprise gift to all tea drinkers...

Gong Ting is not only an exceptional "Shou" or "Ripe" Puerh, it is "Gong Ting" or "Royal" signifying it as an exceptional Exclusive Tea...treat yourself to a "cut above"...after all with so many infusions per pinch of tea, the per cup cost is marvelously inexpensive...even for Gong Ting...splurge a is short.

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