Cloud Mist
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This High Mountain green tea literally grows "in the clouds". The resulting moisture, and light filtration provided by the clouds both bathe the plants in moisture, and cause the plants to pull more nutrients from the soil, increasing the amino acid L-Theanine. The result is the savory "Umami" aroma & flavor in this tea we call "Cloud Mist"...a best seller...excellent.

These cloud-shrouded leaves produce a thick & savory broth indicative of the salty-sea weedy Umami… Nothing short of remarkable, this one of the “Ten Famous Teas of China” produces a savory thick & soupy tea broth. The high elevation tea gardens that this tea is grown in create unique conditions that combine with local soil and environment conditions that lend themselves to development of organic compounds that are artfully transformed by the tea master.

High L-Theanine content leads not only to savory tea broth with salty-sea weedy taste but also the calming, clear thinking cognitive benefits of this superb selection. Beyond the neurological advantages the high L-Theanine content enhances immunity, helps lower blood pressure, enhances sleep and helps control weight...all while you are loving every sip...

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